Enhancing Protection Standards for Fishing Vessel Crew

fishing vessels crew

Currently, it is difficult for the capture fisheries industry to apply protection standards that are sensitive to human rights. Annually, at least 24,000 people are killed, and 24 million are injured on commercial fishing vessels, according to the International Labour Organization (ILO) statistics. Aside from the threat to health and safety, Indonesia has a long […]

Fish Theft by Foreign Fishing Vessels Rises, 75 Successfully Captured

Foreign Fishing Vessels

Violations and crimes against illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing by foreign fishing vessels are still rife in Indonesian seas throughout 2021. Vietnamese fishing vessels make most of these illegal activities occur in the Natuna Sea. In addition to being a location for illegal fishing by foreign fishing vessels, Indonesian fishing vessels and fishers also often […]

Prevention of Forced Labor for Crews of Fishing Vessels in Bitung City

bitung fishing

Bitung City in North Sulawesi is one of Indonesia’s tuna fishing industry hubs. At the Bitung oceanic fishing port and the surrounding buffer ports, there are currently 1,074 fishing vessels ranging in size from 1-200 Gross Tons engaged in fishing and unloading operations. In supporting the operations of these fishing vessels, currently there are 8,000 […]

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