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bitung fishing

Bitung City in North Sulawesi is one of Indonesia’s tuna fishing industry hubs. At the Bitung oceanic fishing port and the surrounding buffer ports, there are currently 1,074 fishing vessels ranging in size from 1-200 Gross Tons engaged in fishing and unloading operations. In supporting the operations of these fishing vessels, currently there are 8,000 fishing vessel crew working in the city of Bitung. There are also fishing vessel crew from Bitung who work in places other than the region, such as Muara Baru Jakarta, Benoa, Bali, and Dobo, Aru Islands, Maluku, and those who work abroad as migrant fishing vessel crew, particularly in Taiwan. Meanwhile, on the downstream side, Bitung City currently has 22 large and medium-sized fish processing companies or industries in operation. The processing industry produces frozen products, fresh tuna, wood fish, and canned fish. Based on the portrait and conditions described above, it is undeniable that…

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