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arafura sea

Renowned as Fisheries Management Area (FMA) 718, the fishing activities in the Arafura Sea are constantly rising. Approximately 2.6 million tons of fish resources, with an allowed catch of 2.1 million tons, will be harvested in the area in the future, as according data from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. The Arafura Sea has approximately 1,732 fishing vessels larger than 30 GT and 21,048 vessels smaller than 30 GT, and fishing operations harvested approximately 267,832 tons of fish in 2020. However, this value is less than the 1.1 million tons per year output target. The capture fisheries in FMA 718, employ around 87,840 fishermen and fishing vessel crews who directly involved in fish capture activities. Sadly, the spike in the proportion of fishery crews involved in Arafura Sea fishing industry has not been supplemented by labor inspection measures. As a direct consequence, the Arafura Sea becomes a major…

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