The Safety Standard of Fishing Vessels is Concerning
The Safety Standard of Fishing Vessels is Concerning
Tingkat Keselamatan Kapal Nelayan Memprihatinkan

The Safety Standard of Fishing Vessels is Concerning so Indonesian fishers are very vulnerable to work accidents when carrying out fishing operations. The high rate of accidents experienced by fishing boats and fishing boats is evidence that work accidents often occur.
Between 1 December 2020-10 January 2021, 13 incidents of accidents were experienced by fishing boats and fishing boats in Indonesian waters. The government needs to increase supervision, provide early information, complete safety equipment on ships and ensure fishers and fishing boat crews participate in the fishermen insurance program.

The Indonesian National Coordinator for Destructive Fishing Watch (DFW), Moh Abdi Suhufan, said that the sea accident that occurred and was experienced by fishing boats had caused casualties. “Of the 13 incidents, we recorded 48 victims with details of 28 missings, three dead and 17 surviving,” said Abdi.

The government needs to reduce the level of accidents at sea which have recently occurred to fishers. The most recent incident was an accident that occurred on the KMN Berkah Abadi fishing vessel which collided with a tanker in Jepara waters, Central Java. “As a result of the incident, up to 12 crew of the KMN Berkah Abadi fishing boat are missing and have not been found. This is an incident that took the most casualties because it was experienced by a large fishing boat,” said Abdi.

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The main factor causing accidents experienced by fishing boats is extreme weather such as high waves that cause the ship to capsize, collisions with large vessels, engine damage and drifting.”Currently the western season is marked by extreme weather such as high waves, fishermen must increase their vigilance and follow the weather information by the BMKG,” said Abdi. He advised fishers to obey the port authority’s advice or advice and not force themselves to go to sea if the weather conditions are not favourable.

Meanwhile, DFW Indonesia researcher Muh Arifuddin asked the Indonesian government to increase fishing boats and fishing vessels that will carry out fishing operations. “The relevant authorities at the fishing port need to carry out joint inspections to check the safety and health aspects of the ship, such as buoys, live jackets, and radio communications,” said Arif.

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The government also needs to carry out training and simulation programs for fishers and fishing boat crews in case of an accident at sea. He also asked the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries to expand the fishermen insurance program’s implementation and suggested that fishing boat owners can include fishing boat crews in an independent insurance program.

The risk of working at sea by fishers is so great that the government and boat owners must provide insurance coverage to those who fight for their lives at sea. “This is a constitutional mandate, so it is mandatory to be implemented,” said Arif.

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