We’re Hiring Labour Officer and Legal Officer
We’re Hiring Labour Officer and Legal Officer

Labour Officer

Location: Jakarta

Report to: Project Coordinator

Position Type: Full-Time Contract

Duration: 8 (Eight) months, May 2023 to December 2023

About DFW Indonesia

Destructive Fishing Watch (DFW) Indonesia is a national institution in the form of an open alliance/consortium that brings together institutions and individuals who care about destructive fishing (DF) or Environmentally Friendly Fishing (PITRaL) activities, poverty, adaptation to climate change and natural disasters in Indonesia. The spirit of this alliance is built to eradicate DF practices comprehensively and promote fishing gear patterns that have an impact on sustainable fisheries.

About DFW Indonesian Seafood Hotspot Program

Fishing Vessel crew and seafood processing workers are very vulnerable to violations of workers’ rights, such as the absence of freedom of association, exploitation, low wages, and the absence of social protection guarantees. Based on reports received through the National Fishers Center – DFW Indonesia, there were 63 complaints of labor violations involving 75 victims of fishing vessel workers between the period November 2019 – November 2021. These complaints include 58% of migrant fishing vessel crew (AKP) cases and 42% of domestic AKP cases. The most common issues of complaints are social security insurance, low-paid income or salary reduction, and worker fraud.

DFW Indonesia through Hotspot Seafood Program make an effort to protect the rights of fishery workers and the welfare of their families, the project uses three strategies as an approach, namely:

  • Advocacy to the government and fisheries business actors
  • Organizing, capacity building and developing fisheries trade union networks
  • Strengthen case complaints mechanisms and access to services

The project has so far been carried out in the city of Bitung, North Sulawesi Province, with a number of successes, including the establishment of a Workers’ Union, the organization and training of the community in an effort to promote early detection, joint appearances at the provincial level, and within the province as a whole, to support the government through regional forums.

Furthermore, DFW Indonesia has planned a second project location in Benoa, Badung Regency, Bali Province. Since a fisheries workers’ union has yet to be formed in the area, the first step of the project in Benoa will be to establish a workers’ organization. Benoa is one of Indonesia’s tuna exporting fisheries areas. According to data from Bali’s Fish Quarantine and Quality Control Agency, skipjack export volume in 2020 was 916,000 tons valued at IDR 830 billion. Furthermore, export volume will rise to 1,256,000 tons in 2021, with a value of IDR 1.1 trillion. Activities at the port of Benoa contribute significantly to Bali’s tuna, skipjack, and cob exports.

In relation to the project, DFW Indonesia requires Labour Officer to support the ongoing project. Some of the work that will be required includes:

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.Analyze and provide policy reviews on employment issues, especially those related to fishery workers.
As a labor officer, the main task is to analyze employment issues, especially related to Ship Crew and Fish Processing Workers, both from the perspective of legislation, and government policies, as well as from the socioeconomic aspects of society. In carrying out this analysis, the labor officer must understand various data and information related to employment. After analyzing labor issues, the labor officer needs to develop appropriate policies to resolve these issues. These policies can be in the form of regulatory policies, incentive policies, or other policies that can help improve employment conditions for fishing vessel crews and fish processing workers.

2. Provide input and assist in the development of training and education modules for workers, especially crew members and fish processing workers.
Labor officers are also responsible for actively providing input and knowledge to DFW staff in the development of training modules so that fishery workers can improve work skills to increase awareness of their rights and obligations as a workforce.

3. Conduct research or research related to aspects of employment-fishery workers and write papers for scientific journals.
In addition to assisting the DFW team in reviewing and building the capacity of the DFW team in understanding labor regulations in the fisheries sector, the Labor officer will also make research designs independently, carry out research and make scientific journals.

4. Establish relationships with various related parties
Labor officers are also responsible for establishing relationships with various related parties, such as the government, companies, and communities. This is done to ensure the creation of good and balanced employment conditions for all parties involved.

5. Work closely with the DFW team and Legal staff
Labor officers must have the ability to work in teams, and provide constructive solutions and ideas in resolving problems experienced by fishery workers in the field of employment faced by fishery workers for resolving cases, preparing materials and strategies for preventing labor violations in the field of fisheries.

Minimun Requirements

  • Master’s degrees in law, psychology, or public policy or related studies
  • 3 years of field research experience on labour, social, or public policy issues
  • Experience in fieldwork, interviews, and data collection/analysis experience for policy analysis related labour fisheries
  • Have a experience on publication of academic articles, analysis etc
  • Have an experience working with the Manpower Ministry is a priority.
  • Be able to speak and write English;

Legal Officer

Location: Jakarta

Report to: Project Coordinator

Position Type: Full-Time Contract

Duration: 8 (Eight) months, May 2023 to December 2023

Minimun Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in law
  • Have 3-4 years of experience working in the legal field
  • Experienced in assisting cases of forced labor and victims of trafficking in persons
  • Able to work in a team.
  • Have a full-time commitment.
  • Have a history of publication; academic articles, analysis, opinion
  • Have an interest and interest in labor law
  • Have the ability to speak and write English

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Reviewing and revising the national Fishers Center complaints SOP guidelines
  • Conduct legal reviews of reporting and complaints of cases of fishery workers
  • Providing legal assistance to victims of forced labor and human trafficking
  • Conduct a review of labor laws and regulations, especially fishery workers
  • Conduct research or research related to legal cases of fishery workers
  • Prepare papers for journals
  • Providing strengthening of legal knowledge, and mechanisms for resolving cases in the field of fisheries employment to the DFW team
  • Creating a practical guideline for the flow and mechanism for resolving cases based on the case categories created.
  • Provide constructive ideas to the team in solving cases in the field of fisheries employment.


Send the applications for the position before 14 April 2023 to admin@dfw.or.id with the subject “Hotspot Seafood Program – Labour Officer” or “Hotspot Seafood Program – Legal Officer”

which must include :

a cover letter illustrating your suitability for the position against the listed requirement, and
a detailed curriculum vitae/resume
We look forward to hearing from those who are interested in taking this opportunity to grow and develop with us.

Thank You,

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